Indian Suits

Quality-Made and Comfortable Indian Suits

You will look the part and feel comfortable at any event with our quality Indian suits. Whether you are attending an Indian wedding, themed party or Bollywood affair, we have a range of formal and casual clothing plus accessories to ensure you look stylish. You can easily order male, female and kids clothing online and have it delivered straight to your door.

Can You Customise Your Order for Indian Suits Online?

You can select what you require with our extensive range of online male and female clothing products.
  • Select the right size clothing: Our products are available in a variety of sizes so you can choose the one that best fits your body shape. This option ensures that you will be comfortable during your event without tight or restrictive clothing.
  • Order separate items: You can mix and match your outfit by ordering a shirt, pants and shoes separately. For example, you can select a bold burgundy shirt and wear it with your favourite pair of jeans for a casual look or match it one of our plain drawstring or harem pants.
  • Accessorise with a scarf: Your outfit will be complete with a bold coloured scarf, traditional male Indian shoes or a turban. We have a range of scarf colours and designs so you can match your outfit or stand out with a bright patterned accessory against a white shirt.

Tips Regarding Indian Male Clothing

Consider these tips when ordering your outfit for an event.
  • Dress in formal attire for a wedding: If you are attending an Indian wedding, be sure to dress modestly and elegantly. Men typically wear a white, cream or beige Indian shirt with matching pants to a wedding such as our Regal Cream 3 piece Sherwani Suit. However, you can add a bit of colour with a vibrant scarf, and it can also be acceptable to wear a black top, white pants and a turban to a formal occasion.
  • Go bold and bright for a Bollywood theme: You are sure to have fun at a Bollywood party, and a bright and bold outfit is perfect for the event. Red, maroon, blue or green shirts are a classic look. You can keep it casual by pairing your kurta with jeans or embrace the theme with a full outfit including a turban.
  • Have fun with a casual outfit: Aside from wearing a kurta with jeans or trousers, you can also get causal Indian printed T-shirts which can be fun for a themed party or relaxed event. Alternatively, finishing any outfit with a colourful scarf communicates an attempt towards dressing for the Indian themed event.
About Dev’s Costumes We have been providing high-quality Indian clothing products for more than ten years. Our retail items are sourced from various suppliers in India and include our designs as well as those from talented local artisans. We stock hand and machine embroidered products that include simple and embellished designs. Contact us today to order your Indian outfit online with worldwide shipping.