Bollywood Costume

Get Inspiration from Our Favourite Bollywood Costumes

Whether you are heading to a cultural festival, a themed party or need a dance outfit, our Bollywood costumes are sure to be a hit. We ensure that our clothing is made from quality fabrics such as cotton and silk so that you can look stylish and enjoy wearing your costume. Our collection of clothing features a range of bright and bold sarees suitable for women and girls and kurtas that are perfect for men and boys.

Trends About Bollywood Costume Ideas You Should Know

When it comes to Bollywood party ideas, getting your costume sorted is easy with our inspiring tips.
  • Have fun with a saree skirt: Instead of worrying about wrapping a long piece of material around yourself, opt to dress in our easy to wear saree skirt. These saree skirts fit well and are reversible meaning you can change your look whenever you desire.
  • Dress formal or Casual: Consider the type of occasion you are going to attend and dress accordingly, either formal or more casual. We have a selection of beautiful formal sarees and kurtas, or for a more casual look, you can wrap a saree around your t-shirt and trousers. If you are going to a fancy dress theme Bollywood party then a bold, bright and fun outfit is sure to make you fit in with the crowd.
  • Be sure to accessorise: You can make your outfit complete with some bold statement jewellery such as a necklace, bracelets, earrings or headpiece. You can wear as much bling as you like so be sure to include a sequined veil or hip belt.

Creative Ways to Use A Bollywood Saree

Consider these tips to get more value and enjoyment out of your saree.
  • Turn it into a scarf: Sarees come in many bright colours as well as simple yet elegant patterns that are perfect for creating a scarf. You will get more enjoyment and use out of your favourite old saree when you repurpose it as a scarf and give your outfit a pop of colour.
  • Make pretty curtains for your home: Light fabric sarees are ideal as sheer curtains in the summer and will allow the sunlight and a breeze to come into your home. Thicker fabric sarees are perfect as curtains for an added layer of insulation around your windows in the winter and can help to keep your home warm while adding a touch of colour to your room.
  • Create a tablecloth: You can add some colour to your home when you use an old saree as a tablecloth. Whether you want to have a statement piece of furniture to enjoy throughout the day or impress your family at dinner, transforming your saree into a tablecloth is a cost-effective solution.
Why Should You Use Dev’s Costumes? We source our quality Bollywood costumes from various suppliers in India. Our inventory of outfits is a combination of our own designs as well as several from talented local artisans. We provide adults and children with vibrant, bold and embellished Indian costumes that are perfect for Bollywood and Indian themed occasions. Contact us today to order exclusive and competitively priced outfits.