Zardozi or Zardousi is an elaborate embroidery using metal thread done on silk mix or satin. Its an art form and the artisans who produce this craft usually learn it as a family trade. The origin of Zardozi work date back to the time of the Mughal empire in India when royals would wear heavily brocaded costumes. Pure gold was beaten to make thin wire and craftsmen used to make motifs on silk using the wire. To enhance it, emerald, pearl and ruby was used and sewn in to the costume as part of the embroidery . In modern days Zardosi embroidery is used for High fashion garments and accessories like bangles, headpieces, and shoes. Valentino, Versace, Prada and Eli Saab they all used this unique embroidery for their many haute couture collections and is still highly popular among many fashion designers around the world.