How To Wear An Indian Saree (sari) ?

How to Wear A Saree

  • 1.Tuck the end of the saree on the right side and bring it around the waist to the back side
  • 2. Bring it towards the front again and leave some length for pleats and tuck on the left waist.
  • 3. Draping the saree over bring it to the front, bring the end over the left shoulder and secure it with a pin. 4. Make pleats in the lower area and tuck it in the center.

How can I look slim in saree?

  • Chiffon Dark coloured Saree Drape in Bengali Style, Tie your saree below the navel. ·

What should I wear under a Saree?

  • A Paticote, skirt or even a bike pants ·

What Top should I wear with a Saree?

  • Blouse, Choli Tops or even sports bra depending on your style

Where to buy Indian Saree?

  • For all major cities in Australia (Sydney, Melbourne Brisbane, Perth Adelaide etc ) the best place would be your local market Online Shop Devs Costumes or Amazon ·
Indian Saree is a 5.5 to 6.5 mt long material which is wrapped around the waist, with one end draped over the shoulder. Shari (Bengali: শাড়ি) also the national wear of Bangladeshi women Sari