Bollywood Party For Kids

In our last article we discussed about how to organise a Bollywood Party. Now you can follow the same article and create a kids party with ease simply by following our suggestions in order to create a really memorable fun party.  


Like any other kids party you have balloons, paper flags and the goody bags etc. Just add a few extra things to create the Bollywood atmosphere. Ensuring you decorate with a few Colourful Sari’s or similar soft/ sheer material is the most visually attractive and traditional way to make the party very ‘Indian’.

Table decoration

You could purchase a nice Indian table runner, (which are usually available at an Indian clothing store. Use fresh Flowers, sparklers, balloons, colourful napkins, colourful paper plates, coloured paper ribbon streamers, left over glitter from your last party and plenty of food (yes a traditional Bollywood party is all about food and colour. Also with kids, it is important they have the nibbles ready however we will discuss the food later in this article.

Disco Ball

Bollywood is all about fun colour and sparkle and you can make one with a ball covered in lots of glitter or purchase a mirror disco ball in almost every variety store. They can be small or big; if you are buying the smaller sizes (cost can be from $ 2 to $ 4) buy at least 20 and hang them low and scattered throughout the party room. If you are buying the bigger one you only need a few and hang them over the main table.


Kids usually love to play on the floor, so spread a few carpets or cushions (with Indian covers) or even an Indian bed spread in the nominated area.


Upbeat Bollywood music, High voltage Bhangra beat or Indo western music is most appropriate but if you are not sure what to play ask a Bollywood teacher or somebody who has knowledge of Bollywood music, or look it up on the Internet.

The goodie bags

All children love a present. They do not have to be expensive but with a little effort and creative ideas you can create a very attractive present to give to each of the guests.

For girls

Girls love their sparkles and jewellery, so put a couple of beaded necklaces or a set of bangles, a packet of Bindi (traditional tiny stickers that decorate the face), a packet of chocolates or sweets depending upon your budget.

For Boys

Animal masks (elephant, tiger or monkey), Stick on tattoos, sweets and an Indian story book.

What to wear For girls – Any Indian style costume (Please see our website for choice).

For Boys – Indian Kurta/shirt with trousers and a turban. You can buy the turban or create one. (Please see our website for choice)

Party games – This is a wonderful way to keep everybody happy. Snakes and ladders, Bollywood grooves or even a magic show, request the magician to wear a turban to add some colours to the fun. But the best way to keep every child happy is to let them play with Rongoli.

Rangoli – Rangoli is the traditional decorative painting usually used in Indian ceremonies. Although traditionally dry colours are used to cover the pattern, you can give the kids pastel crayon or poster paint to draw on the pattern. You can print out the pattern from various internet sites or create your own. Give the kids a black hard paper to use as a surface, and let them follow a print or create their own prints and then colour with paint or crayon. The best thing is they can keep their creation as a prize.

For out side Rongoli, Give them chalk or coloured sands, let them draw their pattern and fill the pattern with coloured sand.

Food – Kheer , Rasmalai and Samosa can be great nibbles for the party. For the main course – Basmati Chicken Pilaf.

Kheer recipe Rasmalai recipe Chicken Pilaf

Drinks – Milk shake , Lassi or Mango juice. You can always add more fun to your party by teaching the kids a Bollywood dancing routine, its fun and full of energy. Just ask a local Bollywood teacher for more details. Now that you have all the basics covered start getting an idea for the invitations. Again its pretty simple, depending on the age of the guests, there are hundreds of Indian patterns available on the net to suit the perfect occasion. You can print them out from internet pictures or make your own hand painted.

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