Colours of India

When we imagine India, we imagine the people the bright colours and delicious food and of course Bollywood. I recently traveled to India on two separate occasions visiting various parts and taking many photographs of which I would like to share with you. Not all photographs are taken by me.

India’s landscapes are as vivid as the people, Taking photographs while traveling around India is exciting and unpredictable particularity during summer as the monsoon/heavy rains can start any time of the day, the colour formation of clouds are incredible before and after rain.

All over India people wear different clothing and accessories, its mostly determined by the local culture and weather.

Indian traditional costumes are very popular in rural areas. especially the Saree for women and the 2 piece kurta type suit for men. However, most urban Indians wear regular western clothing. And not always conservatively. Indian Cinema has had a big impact on how the modern generation of Indians dress, the colorful Indian flavor of Indian cinematic fashion is everywhere and seemingly in everything Indian.


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