10 Questions people often ask when they meet an Indian

 1. I know Bollywood do you like Bollywood?

Not necessarily, Bollywood is the biggest but only one of many cinema industries based in India. Many people enjoy watching movies in their own language.

2. I want to go to India, I am a spiritual person

India is a clash between modernism and ancient practices. It is highly unlikely you will meet a person on the road who will talk about spirituality, however don’t be surprised if you see a naked Sadhu trying to cross the zebra crossing.

3. Do you like Curry, I love Vindaloo

Ha ! what is that ? A Portuguese  invention (Carne de vinha d’alho ) that became synonymous with Indian culinary delights mainly outside of India, eg restaurants that popped up in UK in the 70s.

4. I see poor people everywhere in India. I have seen that on Slumdog Millionaire.

Probably your assumption is half right.  India is the home of 300 million middle class people who enjoy a significant standard of life and politically empowering. However India is home to the world’s biggest number of poor people, a total of 250 millions.

5Tell me about your caste?

No Indian advertises their caste because its not something an Indian would usually ask another Indian when they meet. In fact it would be very rude to ask that question to anybody in India. India does have a caste problem in some states and especially the regions that are financially backwards, legally its a punishable offence to use caste to discriminate against anybody.

6. You are from India , you must come from an extended family

No , we have close family ties ( which includes interfering with each other business ) but most of us have our own family. To simplify mum and dad and their children.

7. IT support and Call centres ….

We will take all the jokes and innuendo and accept that you think one billion people are sitting in India by the phone helping the world every day all day.

8. How come you can speak English you must come from an educated family.

Thank you very much, English is a compulsory subject in schools and taught everywhere in India. Just like Australia, UK and the USA

 9. You are not Asian but Indian

We are a part of Asia and we consider ourself Asians.

 10. Why is there 1.2 billion of you ….