Veil 486 (Cream)


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Chiffon veil with intricate thread embroidery and silk ribbon. Rectangular shape, in excellent original condition. Measurement –  2 Meters  x  85 cm   Weight 200  gm. Our vintage veils are individually chosen for their unique original handcrafted features with breathtaking colours, fabrics and intricate beadwork. And of course, we cannot forget to mention such beautifully designed and finely stitched hand embroidery. Many are classified as vintage or antique and were made originally as an Indian wedding veil.  They are not always perfect as the antique veils may have some small bead loss, marks and tear but hardly noticeable. Can be used for creating a veiled effect surrounding a bed or as a window side curtain that effectively catches the sunlight in its sequins, but they are also complimentary and gorgeous to wear. For more specific dancing options please visit Chiffon veils.
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