Kurta for Men

Fashion Kurta for Men In Australia

Expand your eclectic wardrobe with versatile kurtas for men. At Dev’s Costumes, we have a variety of kurtas for every occasion. This traditional dress can become a casual statement piece with the right care. Choose from a selection of lengths, sizes and colours to pull your look together.

What You Should Know About Ordering Stylish Kurtas for Men

Ordering online can come with difficulties, but if you read the descriptions thoroughly and double-check before ordering, you can breeze through.
  • Length: Like any other garment, kurtas come in a variety of different lengths and sizes. Casual Kurtas tend to fall above the knee and are worn with pants and jeans. These are an excellent choice for a modern style with a touch of traditional elegance. Long kurtas will fall just below the knee and are ideal for more formal occasions.
  • Occasion: These men’s tops are incredibly versatile for every occasion. It’s easy to dress one up with formal embellishments for an important party or to dress it down with jeans for a casual gathering. A kurta is whatever you make it. You can even wear a kurta as pyjamas for men.
  • Material: The material of your kurta can make a difference depending on the climate. Cotton or silk/cotton mixes are preferable for summer because they are more breathable in the heat. For winter, you will want to switch to silk kurtas instead.

Little Known Facts About Men’s Indian Clothing Such as the Kurta

Traditional dress has expanded as the world continues to grow in popularity; here are a few interesting titbits about the kurta.
  • Traditional Dress: The kurta is traditional wear for men in countries such as Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. It comes from a Persian word that translates to “collarless shirt.” The styles and colours can range, but formal ones tend to have more intricate embroidery on the collar and cuffs.
  • Modern Popularity: In the 70s hippies gravitated towards the loose-fitting kurta as part of their new style choices. It lost popularity after the hippie movement faded in the USA to give way to 80s rock, but the style has recently come back as a vintage and hipster look. It’s easy to use it as a dress for women or a beach cover-up along with daily fashion choices.
  • Embroidery Patterns: Indian embroidery is an ancient and respected part of their cultural clothing. Each region of India has a particular style it is known for, just as they each have their regional language. It is from these embroidery patterns that people could once identify from where in India strangers hailed.
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