Indian Bollywood Theme – Diwali Party

Indian Diwali Party Bollywood Style

This is a guide about how to organise an Indian theme party, input from a recent Diwali party. For Indian costumes or organising an Indian party please visit Devs online store.

Diwali or the festival of light is one of the most important and biggest festivals on the Indian subcontinent celebrated by people of all different religions and cultures. So this year Devs decided to celebrate the festival with our friends and associates. Our Sales manager Carol was happy to host the party and generously offered her services to celebrate an Australian Indian style Diwali.

We sent out the invitations and asked all our guests to bring one or two candles to add a personal touch to their evening. With approx 500 candles we needed a person with enthusiasm to light them all and with the supervision of an adult, a few young volunteers were more than happy to do that.

When all the guests arrived the food was already placed on the table with drinks and playing Bollywood music in the background. It was a mixture of Indian and western sweets and fruits also some hot Samosa and Indian spicy nibbles. Most of the food was from our local super market and Indian grocery store. During the day we placed all the candles around the house, on the picket fence and Chandeliers ready to light in the evening. Also we made a central place using the concrete floor to make a pattern so guests could place their candles and make a wish.

We explained the significance of Diwali once all the guests had arrived and asked them to light their candle and place it on the pattern to make a wish. There was a gift for every guest as its the norm in India for the host to present gifts. And at the end we had a dance session dancing our heart out to the lovely Bollywood music.

Date 3 / Nov/2013

Place – Eudlo, Sunshine Coast Qld

Guests – 32

Occasion – Indian Diwali Festival

Food – Indian snacks, fruits, Indian sweets, cake, Samosa and vegetable rolls

Drink – BYO, Mango & apple juice, water.

Beverage – Tea and Coffee